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Kizilagach state nature reserve

Kizilagach state nature reserve is situated on the south-west coast of Caspian Sea. The whole area of the reserve is an important holiday and wintering place for migratory birds in Caspian region. 248 species of birds are to be found in the reserve including Turach, Sultanka, Little bustard, kara-vayka, kolnina, Egyptian and Yellow Herons, Swans, Flamingo, Grey and White-head Geese, Kazarka, Falcon, Rock Eagle, Ducks, Pelicans, Coot, and etc. Out of mammals jackal, cane cat, badger, otter, fox and others inhabit in the reserve. 54 species if fish live in reservoirs there: chub, wild carp, kutum, grey mullet, salmon, sturgeon, etc.

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