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Gobustan nature reserve

There are many mud volcanoes including active ones on its territory. The biggest is Turagay, height of which reaches 407m. Gobustan land is rich in archeological monuments. At present about 20 halting places and settlements of ancient human beings are explored.

But a wide fame has been brought to Gobustan by petroglyphs hewed by our distant ancestors. Totally there are more than 6000 rock paintings in the reserve with images of primitive people, ritual dances, towns with armed and unarmed oarsmen, and images of the sun in the fore part, warriors with spears, etc.

Age of the most ancient image is more than 10000 years.

A comparatively big book draws attention amongst stone "books". It is enough to touch it with a stone and it gives melodious sounds of various height-rhythm.

This is the "Gaval dash" (tambourine stone) letting out sounds "tam tam".

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