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Natural Monuments

Protected Areas of Azerbaijan

Generally thanks to creation of state reserves it was possible to preserve djeiran, leopard, mouflon, turach, ular, large-size hawks, as well as plants like yew-tree, iron tree, boxwood, Lenqaran persimmon, azat and many other.

Reserves are presenting all landscape areas play important role in protection of standard natural environments. Reserves protect not only landscape areas, but sea spaces as well. Special attention is paid to protection of Kizilghachagh ?gulf? of the Caspian Sea, Aggol and Shirvan steppe lakes, Geigol mountain lake, Girkan reservoir, and rivers.

Currently there are 14 state reserves with total area of 191.2 hectares (2,2% of total territory of republic) and 20 reservations functioning in Azerbaijan. They are representing all main natural and climate landscapes and support the protection of biodiversity of Caucasus.

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