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Geygel state nature reserve

Geygel state nature reserve is the first nature reserve in Azerbaijan. Here is the only grove of Eldar pine-tree in the world.

Geygel - is the biggest and the most beautiful mountain lake in Azerbaijan. The water is fresh, transparent and seems blue due to which the lake got its name - Geygel - that means blue (in Azeri) in translation. Totally there are eight lakes on the reserve area surrounded by mountains and the landscapes of each lake is quite diverse.

The animal kingdom of the reserve is represented by such species of animals and birds as Caucasian notably deer, roe deer, badger, eastern Caucasian tur, brown bear, stone and forest marten, Lammergeyer, Black Vulture, Caspian ular and others. More than 50 species of birds nestle in the reserve. Flora consists of 420 sorts of plants. Around 20 sorts of flora - Caucasian endemics of dogrouse Nizam, cuff astragalus, carnation, geranium Ryprskh etc.

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