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Zagatala state nature reserve

Zagatala state nature reserve organized on a space of 25218 hectares from which 48 hectares - is occupied by reservoirs.

Present-day flora of the reserve counts more than one thousand species. From ancient plants there can be found yellow rhododendron, cherry-laurel herb, Caucasian bilberries, yew-berry (Taxus baccata), velvety maple, fern, eastern beach, also pale maple, Georgian oak. Fauna of the reserve is rich as well. Here there inhabit dagestani tur, chamois, deer, roe deer, wild boar, brown bear, badger, fox, weasel, stone and forest marten, lynx, forest cat, squirrel, etc.

Fauna of birds includes 104 species, among of which there are several big birds of prey: Eared Owl, Kestrel, Egyption Vulture, White-head Vulture, Black Vulture and etc. Amongst rare, particularly protected birds there are Golden Eagle, Falcon, Caucasian Heath-cock and Ular. Eight species of amphibious are spread in the reserve: comb triton, Caucasian garden-spider, green and ordinary toads, lacustrine frogs, Transcaucasian and Asia Minor frogs. From reptiles there can be found aesculapius and Transcaucasian runners, water snakes, grass-snakes.

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