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Shirvan state nature reserve

Established with the purpose of protection and breeding of jeirans and waterfowls. Several types of vegetation are developed in the reserve. It is prevailed sweet absinthium. There are many gramineous plants. From Amphibious there can be found Syrian green toad, tree-frog and lacustrine frog; from reptiles there are marsh, Caspian and Mediterranean turtles, striped lizards, ordinary and water snakes, lizard snakes - giurza and etc. Bustard, Turach, Little Bustard, Erne, Rock Egle, Falcon, Baloban, Black-belly Sandgrouse inhabit in the reserve. In winter lot of migratory birds stay on reservoirs: Grey Ducks, Mallards, Pintails etc. From rare species of mammals here there are jeiran, wild boar, wolf, jackal, fox, badger, cane cat, grey hare and etc.

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