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Agrotourism farms, Inns, Hotels and B&B

Unfortunately, due to the not-developed tourism business nowadays exists only small number of agrotouristic farms.

Very interesting is the agrotouristic enterprise in Shemakha district, where enthusiasts created necessary conditions to host tourists in ancient fortress. In numerous picturesque districts of the republic there are people able and ready to host tourists in their private houses, showing their life style and presenting the dishes of national cuisine. Each such family has also the guide for local sights.

In various corners of the republic interesting for their sights there are constructed private hotels furnished with everything tourist could need:
Pirkuli resort is situated close to Pirkuli reserve in Shemakha district. It is owned by the local resident. Tourists have various entertainment here - skis, hiking and horse-riding, other sports, as well as visits to local astrophysical observatory.

There are also guides for mountain trips.

is situated on Absheron peninsula at the Caspian Sea. This resort has comfortable 1,2, and 3-room apartments and can host up to 45 guests. It owns private beach and provides 24-channel satellite TV system.
"Guest house"
is situated near Nabran site. The beach is between the sea and dense forest. 2 and 3-room cottages are furnished in European style.
"Long forest"
is near Guba town and is situated in the forest. Small cozy cottages are furnished with all necessities: TV, bar, air-condition, kitchen, bathroom, phone. There are sauna, tennis and volleyball courts at its territory.
"Tala" holiday hotel
is in Tala area, near Zaqatala town. It provides good-quality apartments.
"Ilisu" resort zone
is situated at the picturesque shore of Gurnuk-chai River. There are both apartments and cottages for the rest.
"Karvansaray" hotel
is a former Karavan-saray in Sheki town that was reconstructed into hotel preserving ancient architecture.
"Rus Meshesy" hotel
is situated near Gabel district center.
"Talystan" motel
is in district center Ismailly.
"Jenet Baghy" resort zone
is in Alty Agach area.
"Deshtvend" hotel
is in Masally town, subtropical area of Azerbaijan.
"Gara Bulagh" resort zone
provides small comfortable cottages built in traditions of local national architecture.
"Palm-tree" resort zone
is situated in Nabran, at the shore of Caspian Sea and provides comfortable cottages.

Besides above mentioned, there are guesthouses in all picturesque corners of the republic.

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