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Natural Armenia

- The land of Sun and Extinct Volcanos

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Armenia is the most mountainous of the Southern Caucasus countries. Its average altitude is 1800 meters above the sea.

One can witness the change of climate zones with each step - beyond each mountain ridge lies a different natural environment while in the plains such dramatic changes lie hundreds and thousands kilometers apart. Such phenomenon is explained by the complex and diverse terrain, soil and climate of Armenia, her location at the joint of totally different bio-geographic areas - moderately humid Caucasus, and arid Anatolia and Armenian and Iranian Plateaus.

The natural world of Armenia is a fusion of rough and tender features. Its hot summer and bitter winter, sharp rocks, wirly streams and bottomless canyons present the rough side of Armenia. The country is often called the Land of Rocks - they're everywhere - growing from the fields, falling at mountain serpentain roads.

There is another Armenia - of grass-covered hills, shady forests, warm mineral springs, flower carpets of alpine meadows, pure colours of blue sky and red ridges on the horizon.

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