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Azerbaijan occupies the southeast part area between Black and Caspian seas and small southern part of Caucasus Range. It includes southeast part of Great Caucasus, part of Lesser Caucasus, Talysh and wide Kur-Araxian plain between them. Geographically the republic is situated at the part of Eurasia connected to Aral-Caspian lowland -close to the borderline between European and Asian continents.

Azerbaijan has 9 climate zones, fertile lands, developed agriculture and fishing, sources of mineral water, rich deposits of oil and gas.

There are over 4350 rivers with (33665km total length), including Kura, the largest river of Caucasus.

The second main water source is Araz River, the right tributary of Kura.

Azerbaijan has richest deposits of mineral underground sources in the region. There are over 2091 known carbonic-acid, carbonic-hydrogene, sulphur-hydrogene springs, including world-known Badamly, Sirab, Istisu etc .

Caspian Sea is the largest Lake in the world with total area exceeding 400 000 square kilometers. It is unique hydrosystem that hasn't outflowing rivers and has unique flora and fauna, including 90 % of world quantities of sturgeon fish.

The highest mountains of Great Caucasus in Azerbaijan are Bazarduzu - 4466m., Shahdagh - 4243m., Tufan - 4191m., and on Lesser Caucasus - Gazanchaldagh - 3829m., Gapychigh - 3906m.

Climate of the country is influenced by its geographic position, terrain and Caspian Sea. Great Caucasus Mounts protect the largest part of republic's territory from cold northern winds, while Lesser Caucasus protects from the continental influence of the Armenian Highland from the south. Suram Ridge doesn't allow passing the humidity of Black Sea, and Caspian Sea mildens the climate and minimizes the flow of hot and dry wind from the Central Asian deserts. The average annual temperature is +13, +14,5 Celsius, in January - 0, +4, in July +25, +30, annual precipitation - 1000-1800mm.

There are few types of climate in Azerbaijan depending on altitude and distance from Caspian Sea - dry subtropical, humid subtropical, mild and cold.

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