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National Parks and basic nature reserves of Georgia

Nature of Georgia is rich and diverse showing perspectives for its utilization with the purpose of rest and recreation. For a wide use of nature it is necessary to be careful towards her. In this connection problem of nature presevation gains in a significant importance. About 20% of Georgian territory are declared as zone subject to protection. In the country at the modern stage an issue is being considered on what kind of forms should be applied relative to these territories.

In Georgia an idea on preservation necessity has been generated already in distant past, creating appropriate legal regulations step-by-step. Since Queen Tamar (12th century) interesting information concerning announcing zones of strict protection of separate territories has been found in royal decrees. In the 19th century first nature reserves were formed, and during Soviet power 15 nature reserves were founded in Georgia.

At present intense works are carried out on establishing national parks in Georgia. The above mentioned nature reserves are included in the list of national parks as well. It is planned to establish seven national parks. One of them Borjomi-Kharagouli has already been created and operated; it is in the process of completion creation of Colkhetian national park in western Georgia.

Borjomi-Kharagouli national park was founded in 1995 opened for visiting since 1999. Park area - 863300 hectares. It has five entrances: Atskuri, Panavi, Nunisi, Borjomi and Marelisi. Three camps for tourists and a centre for Borjomi visitors are built on the territory of the park. Tourists are offered eight tours, the easiest and the shortest of them is 5 km long, the hardest and longest - 42 km. Borjomi-Kharagouli national park is becoming the real centre of ecotourism.

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