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Georgia is situated on at the junction of Europe and Asia, due to travelling is convenient as for inhabitants of Europe as well as for Asian countries. Country area is 69.7 thousand sq. km, population more than 5 million people. Georgia is generously favoured with nature. On a comparatively small territory one can find completely various landscapes - from damp subtropics to eternal snow and glaciers of high mountains. Country is notable for beautiful nature, warm and light climate, lots of lakes (756) and rivers (around 2600), waterfalls, unique primitive landscapes.

Greater Caucasian range (with lots of peaks 5000m height more above sea level) and black Sea coast stretched out 315 km with its beautiful beaches and giving a particular charm to the country.

All climatic zones except tropical are represented in this small country. As per expert of World Wide Fund for primitive nature (WWF), Dc. Michael Zukov "No other European country dispose of such rich flora and fauna as Georgia. On the territory of Europe, on such a small area you will see nowhere so various relief. At the same time you will find no country in Europe preserved in such primitive state".

There are more than 300 resorts and places of recreation in Georgia. Country is particularly rich in mineral and thermal waters (2400 springs).

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