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Protected Areas of Azerbaijan

Aggel state nature reserve

Area - 4400 hectares. It encloses Lake Aggel area of water. Preserved Lake Aggel (White Lake) can be named "ornithological oasis" - this is not only a preserved area but one of the important wintering places in the republic.

20 species of fishes inhabit in the reserve. Green toad, lake and ordinary frogs are to be met out of amphibians in the reserve. Out of reptiles - there are Caspian and marsh turtles, ordinary and water snakes. 134 species of birds are included in ornithofauna. There are Marble- teal, Pink and Curly Pelicans.

22 species are presented out of mammals. Wild boar, coypu and cane cat are to be often found. Unique colonial nests of waders and long-legged birds were preserved here.

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