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Protected Areas of Azerbaijan

Ismailly state nature reserve

Ismailly state nature reserve organized on a space of 5778 hectares and preserves mainly natural oak and chestnut forests. About 170 species of vertebrates inhabit in the reserve. River trout, khramuli, eastern bistryanka and barbel are found in rivers. There are 6 species of amphibious; rare in Azerbaijan comb triton inhabits in forest zone. In the reserve 17 species of reptiles are to be found: turtles - Caspian, marsh and Mediterranean, runners - yellow stomach, olive, four-lane and patterned, snakes - Caucasian cat snakes, grass-snakes.

104 species of birds are found in the reserve. So rare birds such as Golden Eagle and Caucasian Heath-cock, Lammergeyer are nestling here. Brown bear, wolf, jackal, marten, badger, wild cat, notably deer, roe deer, wild boar, chamois, Dagestani tur and etc. inhabit here.

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