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Ilyisui state nature reserve

Ilyisui state nature reserve organized in 1987 on a space of 9.2 thousand hectares. Favorable climatic conditions (mild winter, cool summer, warm spring and autumn, abundance of precipitation, absence of long droughts and strong frost) assist in formation of lavish vegetation, and particularly forest.

Around 300 species of plants are to be found on the reserve territory. There are herbs (about 50), endemic and rare disappearing species in the reserve flora, such as berry, birch. 93% of the territory is occuped by deciduous forests. Beech, oak and hornbeam are prevailing. Lime, nut-tree, chestnut, ash-tree, maple and etc. are growing.

From fauna there are tur, deer, chamois, roe deer, bear, wild boar, marten and etc. There are a lot of river trout, eastern bistryainka, and barbel. From amphibious there are frogs, green and ordinary toads, Caucasian and Minor Asia frogs. Reptiles are presented by 12 species in the reserve. There more than 91 species of birds in fauna: Black Hawk, Black Kite, Goshawk, Golden Eagle, Lammergeyer, Vulture, Falcon, Caucasian Heath-cock, Scops Owl, Eagle Owl, Eared Owl, Hoopoe, Woodpecker, etc.

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