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Georgia is rich in monuments of nature, the most popular of which for tourist are included in tourist programs: Sataplia and Dmanisi. Sataplia is located in 9 km to the north-west of Kutaisi in a reserved zone, where on a 354 hectare area there are well-preserved natural floristic complex, rich in plantations of Colkhetian box-trees and chestnut. Here there are also limestone caves, footprints of dinosaurs, located on a 300-m height above sea level. In Dmanisi, 60-km to the south of Tbilisi on the territory of a medieval town there were found two skulls of human beings dated 1.7 million years. With this discovery the antiquity of a man's origin was increased two times on the European continent. Finding of the first European in Dmanisi gives evidence that Georgia was located on a crossroads of migration routes and a man from Africa got to Europe exactly via Georgia. After this discovery it is without any doubt that Georgia is a motherland of the first European.

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