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Natural resources of Azerbaijan are presented by rich flora exceeding the flora of other countries of the region and including over 64% of its species. Its relatively small territory presents almost all major types of global flora. Over 270 species or 7% are endemic and peculiar only to Azerbaijan or its relatively small regions.


The fauna of Azerbaijan is characterized by diversity of wildlife and is represented by 99 species of mammals, 123 fish, 360 birds, 54 reptiles, 14 thousand insects.

The problem of protection and restoration of rare and disappearing species of plants and animals in Azerbaijan has its peculiarities. It is connected not only to lack of arable lands and involvement of all resources into enhancing human economical activity, but generally because of unique diversity of the nature here. On relatively small territory there are almost all types of landscape presented - over 4100 types of plants, by 99 species of mammals, 123 fish, 360 birds, 54 reptiles.

Mammals include rare and exclusively rare species. Favourable conditions (mild winter, numerous lakes, rich opportunities for food) explain the diversity of ornitofauna in Azerbaijan.

The ichthyofauna is also diverse. Its 30 % are sea inhabitants, and majority lives in freshwater.

There's a rich variety of insects in Azerbaijan. From almost 15 thousand types many are relic, endemic, rare, or disappearing.

It is worthy to highlight 400 types of rare and disappearing plants in Azerbaijani fauna.

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