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Armenia has a widely diversified ecosystems: five of the seven primary topographies exist in this small country (about 30,000 sq. kilometers), thus creating remarkable bio-systems. Because of its diverse topography, Armenia's mountains experience seven springs during the warm weather season, with permanent snow capped mountain peaks a few hours drive from subtropical valleys.
Armenian Flora includes approximately 3500 species of higher vascular plants.
The diversity of Armenian Fauna is relatively high, due to the mountainous nature of the landscape and consequent high diversity of habitats. In addition, the country is located along one of the major migratory flyways, and has several sites of great importance for migrating birds. Recent surveys have established the presence of 349 species of birds, belonging to 18 orders and 58 families, 84 mammals, 8 amphibians, 53 reptiles and 39 fish. Around 17,000 species of invertebrates have been recorded in the country, 90% of which are insects. ∆he biodiversity in Armenia is rich in endemic and rare species. Besides, the country is considered to be one of the centres of origin for wild ancestors of crops and livestock, and for the artificial selection of new varieties and breeds.

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